• Bridal Hair

    Elle Magazine

    Top 6 Sydney based wedding hairdressers

  • Blonde Woman

    Beauty Crew

    Home Hair Guide

  • Wigs on Display


    Brunette to Blonde

  • Blond Wavy Hair

    Hiit FM

    Radio interveiw - Keeping your roots in check during ISO

  • Hair Dying


    House Keeping

    Hair colour Hacks at home

  • Hair Models


    How to disguise dark roots

  • Brown Hair Model


    Iso hair tips

  • Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 11.18.38 am.pn

    She does this

    Hair care tips

  • Haircut

    Awol - Junkee.com

    How to cut your hair without completely ruining it during ISO

  • Wind in the Hair

    Beauty Crew 

    Beauty Tips

  • Playful Senior Woman

    New Idea

    Grey hair hacks 

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